Hiring a chauffeur-driven car? Call Lausanne Limousines in Lausanne

We offer a chauffeur service for you or a client, business or private.

A tailor-made answer to your professional requirements

Contact us for more details about rentals and leasing

We offer luxury cars for outings or events

An evening without a hitch, a moment of relaxation and the prestige of an experienced chauffeur.

Avoid crowded public transport for your outings

Call on Lausanne Limousines for your excursions

Events / Weddings

Give your sweetheart the comfort of a luxury car...

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...and the prestige of an experienced chauffeur. It will be one of the highlights of a day that should be unforgettable.

But also don't forget all the times when you could make someone else - or yourself - happy thanks to our services: a show, a concert, a birthday…

French-speaking Switzerland is full of wonderful places to eat, chefs where one is more inventive than the next. Temptation, temptation…

But you know, a business dinner or a romantic meal can easily be spoilt by the tensions of a tricky journey: heavy traffic, poor roads, full car parks – not to mention something worse: an unexpected breathalyser test by the police.

To make an important meal a celebration right to the end, cast aside your cares by being a passenger in a chauffeur-driven limousine!

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